Gifts or tips are never required, though always appreciated (and certainly never forgotten!)

I LOVE to be spoiled.....Below are some of my favorite things guaranteed to bring a smile to my face....

Lingerie: Agent Provocateur; La Perla *gift certificates are best here*

Flowers: Dahlias, Stargazer lilies, can't go wrong with flowers. I also love tropical houseplants!

Spa:  I can always use a trip to the spa....Nob Hill Spa is my favorite place to relax & be pampered.

Gift certificates: Always a perfect gift choice for the busy gentleman.... Amazon, REI, Lululemon, and Sephora are some classic favorites

Perfume: Le Labo Rose 31

Wine: White~Sancerre, Red~Pinot Noir, Sparkling~Veuve Clicquot  *Please note that I rarely drink unless we are dining together....that being said I love receiving a nice bottle to savor the memory of you later.

Music: I adore the classic sound of vinyl & have a particular fondness for jazz, R&B, and anything experimental.

Books: Poetry, literature, art, memoir....I love it all!

Shoes: Jimmy Choo (US size 7.5/EU 37.5 )

Beeswax candles:(unscented, please)

Tickets to see the Golden State Warriors;) Better yet, why don't we go together!

Donations to the socially & environmentally conscious charities which I support, as nothing is more refined & refreshing than generosity towards others. Here are some of my favorites: the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, the Homeless Prenatal Project, and the Rainforest Foundation)  xo


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